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Tips to Preventing Auto Theft as the Number of Victims Increases

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Did you know that the state of California has become a hot spot for stealing cars in recent years? Auto theft is a nationwide issue, but reports continue to escalate as the economy fluctuates. How can you promote the protection of your vehicle while also working on prevention of theft to begin with? You can start by not leaving your keys in plain sight, rolling your windows up, and knowing how to deal with a situation that leaves you stranded.

It is important to understand what it takes to secure your car on the road and in a parked position. Whether you just parked to go grocery shopping or are driving down the highway, you are at risk of theft. Here are some tips to follow so you can take precautions no matter where you are traveling:

  • Make sure you never leave your keys in the car. Doing so is the perfect opportunity for thieves to attack.
  • Park in a well-lit area. This will keep burglars away since many people will be able to see your car.
  • Install different kinds of a security systems, including steering column collars, brake and wheel locks, VIN etching, and theft-deterrent decals.
  • Always close and lock all windows and doors when you park, even if it is at home.
  • Always keep your vehicle in your garage, if you have one and if possible.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle. Put and lock them in the trunk if you have to return inside a mall or store for more shopping.
  • Do not leave your vehicle alone and running. This makes your car a direct target for theft.
  • If you have spare keys, make sure they are in a secure, secret place. Car thieves have been known to break into homes just to find spare keys.
  • The summer time is the prime time for vehicle thefts, so make sure to take extra precautions.

At Dennis Collins Insurance Agency, we hope these tips help you have a safe summer in the car. It is important to put safety first, especially when it comes to vehicle theft. If you feel you require more protection, our auto insurance may be a solution. We represent a number of insurance companies who offer a wide range of auto insurance products. This means our team can design a package specifically to meet your needs and lifestyle.

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