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Tips For Employees To Avoid Strain When Carrying Heavy Objects

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Are some of your employees carrying pounds and pounds of heavy equipment on their backs? This weight can cause major strain and other injuries, which is something you don’t want as a business owner. You should be aware of the risks your team faces as a way to protect them from harm. No matter what industry you are in, establishing a safety plan can allow for more productivity on site.


Whether an employee is carrying a box, shelf, or tools, they should know how to properly do so. Being in a rush to get from one end of the building to the other will only make back problems worse. Let your employees know that safety comes first. Implement strategies for moving and lifting heavy equipment. Here are some tips to follow to prevent serious accidents at work:

  • Ask your employees to a meeting where you address common symptoms for back strain and pain. This can help them understand whether or not they have been hurt on the job when lifting heavy objects.
  • Work hard to correct these issues by teaching your team how to lift items the right way and how to treat the pain.
  • If an object is too big, encourage your employees to ask for help carrying the item. Their other option is to use a machine to lift it.
  • As a person attempts to carry an object alone, he/she should stand close to the load so balance can be maintained.
  • The way a worker grasps an object is important. Make sure they have a tight hold on the item so it does not slip, move, or change position when lifted.
  • Always keep the back straight as possible and bend the knees to help avoid back pain.
  • Teach employees not to make sudden movements when standing up to carry a large object, because this can cause serious injury.

At Dennis Collins Insurance Agency, we hope these lifting safety strategies result in less accidents and more productivity for your company. Establishing the appropriate precautions when being involved in risky situations can help prevent serious consequences. In addition, having workers compensation from us can help you provide extra security to your business. With our many different programs, our agency can provide you with a customized package that fits your needs and your industry.


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