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Life Insurance

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Do you understand the value of your life? Allow Dennis Collins Insurance Agency to show you how to protect it, with valuable coverage.

Life insurance is financial planning at its finest. It is a policy that will provide both you and your loved ones’ peace of mind in the event that you should pass away unexpectedly. While it may not be an exciting policy to discuss, it is crucial to do so to prepare for the worst case scenario. At Dennis Collins Insurance Agency, we want to help you understand this coverage and be there for you every step of the way.

Why purchase life insurance?

There are a number of reasons why life insurance is important to have in place. It can be an important tool in the following scenarios:

  • Replacement income for dependents (spouse, children, parents, etc.)
  • Coverage for final expenses (funeral, burial costs, medical bills, debts, etc.)
  • Coverage for federal “death” taxes and state “death” taxes
  • Create an inheritance for your heirs
  • Contributions to charities of your choosing

As you can see, life insurance can provide coverage for a number of situations that may arise after your passing, from paying off the home mortgage to saving your loved ones the extra expenses during the funeral planning process.

Know your life insurance options.

There are two major types of life insurance, known as term and whole life insurance. Allow us to give you a better understanding of these individual life insurance policies…

Term Life Insurance

This is the simplest form of life insurance, providing coverage for a specified time period, whether five or 30 years. It will pay ONLY if death occurs during the term of the policy. It is an affordable option for a good amount of coverage.

Whole Life Insurance

Also known as permanent life insurance, whole life does exactly what it says. It can be carried with you for your entire life, or as long as you continue to pay the premium. It may cost more, but this policy is worth it!

While these may be the two most common, there are plenty of other options available besides term and whole. To learn more about several subcategories of coverage, such as universal life and variable life insurance, ask our friendly agents.

Live the secure life you imagined with the help of Dennis Collins Insurance Agency.

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