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  1. Give Your Employees a Break from being Bored this Summer!

    by owner

    Are your employees having trouble focusing at work? The warm weather this summer hasn’t helped with motivation. Your team may seem bored and want breaks and free time more often. However, rather than watching productivity slip, you can think of ways to ignite focus back into the office, such as allowing teams to work from […]

  2. Protect Your Family at Night from Coyotes at Home

    by owner

    Do you have a plan established to safeguard your home at night? Although you may have a burglar alarm set up, that won’t do any good when a coyote comes strolling into the backyard. If this or another wild animal comes from the dark towards your house, what will you do? Make sure you protect […]

  3. Avoid Making Mistakes When Dealing With Money Transactions From Customers

    by owner

    Do you deal with customer information, money, and payments daily? As a business owner, it is important that you not only keep this information protected, but avoid misplacing or messing up a transaction. How can you make sure transactions don’t go wrong in your place of business? You have many responsibilities to take care of […]

  4. The Importance of Giving Back to Your Community this Summer

    by owner

    Do your kids want to stay inside and play video games all summer long? This isn’t a very productive way to spend time with family or enjoy the beautiful weather. Rather than staying in the house all day, you should motivate your children to volunteer! Philanthropy is an important lesson to teach young people. The […]

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